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8 Essential Moscow Travel Tips To Ensure A Hassle-Free Holiday

August 19, 2020

Russia is an extraordinary country with a lot of attractions to witness. It helps you understand the depth of culture through all the historical places so that people could acquire all the information about past. You can even look for the landscapes that inspire artists as well as renowned poets. Moreover, all the people who visited this place came back with beautiful memories and love to go back again. It is the largest country in the world that is connected with two water bodies and twelve seas. The social life of Russia is compared to that of New York’s. Even when it comes to the art, this country is given prominence. Moscow, which is one of the finest cities in Russia is also its capital. So, if you are visiting Russia first time, then it is suggested you must visit Moscow.

What Is Moscow Like For Tourists

Moscow is one of the most fascinating cities of Russia, which is known for museums where people who wish to collect facts about history can go. It is also the perfect place for people who love to perform adventure sports all the time. Amusement is sure to be experienced in the theme parks here where you can get indulged in different activities. There are various events that a person can participate in and enjoy. This city provides the best food items for all the foodies who wish to try new varieties of food items.

8 Crucial Moscow Travel Tips

This city sets a perfect example of Romantic flavor because of its uniquely designed architecture. This place has numerous, exceptional galleries as well as museums so that the visitors can know all the things related to the city. You can easily have a look at the art museum, Moscow museum of art, and the modern museum. There are a lot of restaurants that offer the best dishes of a different culture so that people can simply enjoy their tour. So, if you are planning to visit this place, then do go through these Moscow travel tips.

1. Visa Application

Apply for the Russian visa three months before the arrival date so that you are free from all the prospective hassles. Moreover, at the time of applying for a visa, make sure that you have entered all the details properly so that no problem arises in the future. Also, do not forget to keep all the documents handy, especially the ID proofs.

2. Use Aeroexpress

Make sure you visit the place that has less traffic so that you can enjoy the vacation properly. Even if you are moving from one city to another, take the help of Aeroexpress, as this rapid mode of transportation would help you reach the destination by consuming lesser time and without any hassle. Most of the tourists prefer using Aeroexpress to save themselves from getting tired while covering all the pivotal places.

3. Hotel Booking

While planning the trip to Moscow, make sure you look for a good hotel so that you can get all the facilities there itself. There are a number of hotels that tend to offer the best service but it is in the hand of the person to choose according to their pocket. As you have finalized a hotel, make sure you book it before you leave for the vacation – this will help you save time.

4. Budget

One of the most important among the travel tips for Moscow is to plan your budget beforehand. Try to make the budget accordingly so that you can visit all the places without facing any trouble. There are various rented hotels or the apartments in Moscow, so choose your accommodation place according to your financial convenience. If you are not that big a fan of luxurious hotels or homestays, then you can go for decent staying options at reasonable prices.

5. Cuisine

Georgian food along with the wine is one of the most popular food items in Moscow. So, try to hunt for different restaurants, as well as local cafes where you can try new and delicious cuisines without spending much amount. There are plenty of Georgian dishes that are prepared in a different manner, so at the time of placing an order, make sure you go through the details of product carefully. Some more dishes to eat in Moscow are:

• French cuisine
• Cake Pushkin
• Black-currant pastries
• Syrniki
• Borscht
• Blini
• Lepyoshka

6. Explore The City

Go out and enjoy the view of the city so as to feel fresh and light. One can even go to the city spacebar that is located on the top of Swissotel Krasnye Holmy. This place offers mouthwatering cocktails to the visitors along with the perfect service so that they can leave the place happily. But if you are visiting in winters, then it is suggested to go to the sky lounge. Make sure you reserve the travel before visiting the place so that you don’t have to wait for long. Also, don’t forget to read these Moscow travel and safety tips.

7. The Subway

Do visit the underground subway system as it is constructed in an ideally impressive manner. Do visit Komsomolskaya, Mayakovskaya, Ploschad, and various other metro stations so as to see the beautiful creativity of the place. The subway will be the perfect option for you as you go out to explore this place, ensuring nothing gets in the way of your fun trip!

8. Visit the church

Make sure you visit the church and do buy the cathedral pass so that you can visit Aristotle Fioravanti architect. Make sure that you do not click the picture over there because it is not allowed. All these travel tips for Moscow Russia should be followed so that you can enjoy your stay and can collect various memories without any hassle. So, if you are still wondering that is it safe to travel to Moscow 2018, then fret not and hop on to the next flight and have a memorable time with your family or the loved ones.

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